A new beginning is what Melinda Wells was seeking when she left her home in Mobile, Alabama. As a journalist, her dream of writing for a large newspaper would never become a reality having the experience the Mobile Register offered. Melinda embraced the thought of moving to New York, landing her job as a journalist in Manhattan, and her new love interest Jerome Belmont, despite her father and grandmother’s warnings.

Melinda’s rise in journalism took a back seat to her growing interest in talk radio. When her southern charms secured an opportunity to host her own show in her boyfriend’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Melinda knew her dreams were becoming a reality. The new “Radio Diva’s” dream came with a price.

Her new lifestyle became more than what Melinda expected. After climbing the ladder of what the industry labeled as well deserved success it all was falling apart. Gossip Line, the radio talk show that named her as the number host on the Pennsylvania airwaves, was threatening to ruin her dreams. Her family background that she knew little about, and her fairy tale love life was being aired on the radio one piece at a time. Melinda needed to find the caller who knew more about her than she seemed to know about herself.

However, revealing the caller’s identity could be fatal to more than the show.

Gossip Line
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