Brian and Sage Drakeford were living their life as a loving couple and devoted parents until Sage caught her husband cheating. Seven years after their divorce, Sage Monroe Drakeford finds it hard to love again. As skeletons from her husband’s past resurface, Brian desperately wants to remain a part of his family’s life.

After meeting a client who expresses his feelings for her and his knowledge of her husband’s secrets, Sage fights to ignore her emotional attachment. It is apparent, Brian has moved on and jealousy becomes a reason for Sage to consider dating. Just as she decides Brian is not worth her putting her life on hold, his indiscretions become

more than she is willing to accept.

Sage is caught between ruining Brian’s relationships with family, business and friends, and moving on with a new love, and forgetting the past. Sage’s decision and Brian’s choices will change their lives forever.


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